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Playing music at your business?
Hebrew, foreign, instrumental or pop, from the TV, YouTube, a CD you've purchased or from the radio. Playing music publicly requires business owners to arrange an appropriate license various entities. There are several parties in Israel which hold the copyright of most works.    
For example:

ACUM - an association which grants the right to use works from the Society of Creators (lyrics, tune, processing).
The Israeli Federation of CD's and Tapes [IFPI] -
Organization who have the original copyrights (companies/ CD producers mostly).
Well, why Z-Label?
If there's no special need to play popular music at the business, then there's no need for a DJ but for quality background music throughout the year. We've created an enormous catalog of many works whose copyrights in our possession. Therefore, you need to pay only to one entity, once a year.
And yes, there are pleasant background melodies which aren't elevator's music.
We'd be happy if you listen to it. 
There are none.
Even if you execute a one - time event, turn on the radio just for a minute, just play some "foreign music nobody knows", you'd still have to pay to these entities.
Therefore, if these are your needs, we're sorry but we can't help.  
Is it legal?
The music was taken from various international artists, and we sort the payment with them in order to purchase their finest works.
This is how we've managed to create a large stock of many styles that fit any kind of business.